I really am back

25 01 2014

It has been an incredibly long time since I blogged on any sort of regular basis.  What else have I been doing with my time?

I moved to Chicago for a new job, spent 2 years teaching small children about financial literacy, then switched jobs a couple more times.  Still in Chicago, currently focused on tweens.

I’ve been rehabbing my apartment.  Trust me, however much work you can imagine an apartment needing, double it and you’ll be imagining my apartment before the work started.  This leaves little time for reading, let alone blogging.  I’ve gotten behind on my book journal, on my reading goals, on almost everything. We’re not done with the apartment yet but we’re close.

And I’ve still been reading so much YA!  Last year was not my favorite year for YA but it’s still an amazing field.

What can you expect to see here in the near future:

  • A new look!
  • Posts about YA books
  • More posts about middle grade books than ever before–that’s a great area for new books, and it’s now a part of my job
  • Posts about SLJ Battle of the Books!  One of my favorite events of the year.
  • Other posts I haven’t even thought of yet!

I’m going to try to blog on some sort of schedule as I think that will help me and my readers.  But I have yet to determine that schedule.  I’m hoping Saturday mornings, like today, will be productive.  Thanks for sticking with me–or checking out my blog for the first time.

Happy reading!