Reader’s Theatre

18 03 2010

You should all be so jealous…unless of course you were at NYPL last night listening to E. Lockhart, Libba Bray, David Levithan and John Green so reader’s theatre from their most recent published books as part of the NYC Teen Authors Festival.  That was great.  It would have been better if I really and truly loved their most recent books (that would be, in the order I have listed the authors above, The Treasure Map of Boys, Going Bovine, and Will Grayson, Will Grayson).  But the excerpts were still good and often funny.  Seeing authors act out their own characters is weird and awesome.  For example, E. Lockhart’s portrayal of Nora made her so odd and nerdy that I wanted to read the book again, just to fix Nora in my head.

But beyond the reader’s theatre, which FYI, David Levithan is done by and for teenagers in Chicago on a regular basis, the best part of the night was the works-in-progress.  That’s right–they read from books that won’t be coming out for years!  Which is actually quite sad because I would buy John Green’s zombie apocalypse novel tomorrow if I had the opportunity.  Or Libba Bray’s beauty-queen-plane-crash-deserted-island novel.  Or even the middle grades chapter books E. Lockhart is writing.  And last but not least, David Levithan’s incredible concept novel for adults, The Lover’s Dictionary–or whatever it winds up being called in the end.   Talk about a treat!  I am a very lucky individual.  And very grateful to the authors for being brave enough to share.  I wish I lived in NYC proper so I could attend the rest of the festival.  YA authors have the most fun!